Friday, February 8, 2008

Some recent shows in the store!

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have two sweet shows go down here at the shop. The first one was on Sunday and had one of my Favorite existing bands THE ERGS play an all-acoustic set before their late show at the Ottobar with the QUEERS. Any time The Ergs come to town I'm excited but getting to see them twice in one day was great. At first people were just trickling in so I floated the idea of doing the show in the store proper as opposed to in the gaming area of the Comic Shop that houses us. That Idea went to hell when right before they were about to play about 60 or so people showed up. It was a great turn out and The Ergs did an awesome Job considering they were playing in the middle of Magic the Gathering players and had no PA. I can't wait to have them back!


The next day was a Monday and we were going up against a MADBALL show but still about 35 people showed up for FUN BRIGADE, ACID REFLUX and LIBYANS also at the store.

Things kicked off right away with FUN BRIGADE doing all OPERATION IVY covers, I think some of the other bands and people that showed up thought this was going to be DEEP SLEEP playing under another name or it was some kind of Joke but neither was the case and people were really into it. they did a great Job with the songs and people were singing along and dancing, it was a great way to start things off.


After this ACID REFLUX hit it hard playing fast as hell 80's Punk/Hardcore that brings to mind ADRENALIN O.D. and ANGRY SAMOANS, to me at least. They were awesome and kids seemed to really be into them.


After that LIBYANS finished out the night with a different brand of Female fronted 80's Punk. They were fast and powerful but also really really catchy, I can't wait till the single comes out! All in all it was a great two shows, so thanks to the kids that came out and made it happen there will be more in the future!


"THE KIDS" shop at the store!

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