Monday, December 1, 2008

BALZAC Superfan!

So I like BALZAC, The Japanese Misfits/Samhain styled Horrorpunk band. I try not to obsess too hard as they have hundreds of Toys, Shirts and releases, many more than I will ever be able to collect. Now and again however I get a email about some new DVD or record and I put in an order without thinking about it too much. While on the DEEP SLEEP tour I got an email for the "Hatred lies deep inside" 2x DVD. Without thinking I sent out in an order and today THIS monster showed up??? Just to give some perspective the total package was 666mm or 26 inches or so all the way around!

Package as it showed up

Giant Silk-screened bag it showed up in!

Print,Poster and Paperwork

Slipcase Front

Slipcase Back

Insert DVD holder front

Insert DVD holder Back

And just for fun here is some of my other stuff:

Yep, super nerd!