Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lets play catch up!

Hi everyone! So it's been a bit since we have updated so here is the round up of what has been going on!

First off the Baltimore City Paper voted us Best Place to buy Vinyl for the Second year in a row! We are beside ourselves with pride and thank them from the bottom of our Record clogged heart!


secondly we had our 5 year Anniversary show at Ottobar and it was a great time!

Again Emily Devan graced us with a sweet cake, this time a overhead view of the store itself!

All the bands killed it and it was great fun doing a Deep Sleep set upstairs after the show wrapped up, Samiam, Mean Jeans, Shirks, HollyWood, Walter and Murder have my utmost thanks!





What else? For some odd reason we got it into our heads that buying a donut case for the store was a good idea! So for Septembers First Friday we filled it with free donuts and had our first annual Donut Social! We will be filling it with free delicious treats randomly so come in some time and maybe you will get lucky!

Hmm let's see, reaching into the mailbag we have some pretty sweet fan art from My 10 year old niece Elizabeth:

And Maddy, the daughter of our good friend and Customer Eric Stanger!

We love them! Hopefully more on the way!

What else what else??? Well randomly the vocalist from our favorite band THE DESCENDENTS showed up at a local show and was kind enough to sign a record and take a picture with us! We were pretty geeked out!

Here is a guide to shopping at CSR for all of you new shoppers!

oh yeah and we have gotten in HUNDREDS of awesome new and used Records over the past two weeks! Stop by and say hello!