Friday, May 1, 2009

Dutch Deep Sleep Review

"Grave Mistake, known for high quality 80s hardcore punk, has his first CD Deep Sleep delivered. The CD contains 21 tracks, lasts 25 minutes and consists of three previously recorded 7 "EPs entitled Paranoid Futures, Manic Euphoria and You're Screwed.

Deep Sleep fits perfectly in my shed of Grave Mistake home. You immediately hear that the men from Baltimore influenced by Adolescents and old descendants in voting and I even had to immediately think of Milo, but a little snot tier. Although I do not normally like that smooth straps hold had been, poppier tracks a bit to my taste, but the raw edges of course also be the charm. I see at least in this band.
Maybe not your new favorite band of all time, but without doubt a punk-rock reinforcement plates for each cabinet."