Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playing Catch up!

Hey everyone! So I've been neglecting the blog again but I plan on keeping up with it, so book mark this thing! Ok here is a rundown of everything important from the last few months!

First Celebrated Summer is moving locations! Our last day at our Towson store will be Sunday June 27th and will also be marked by this show:

We are very sad to be leaving our home of the past four years inside of Legends Comics but cannot wait to join the Atomic Books Family! After this final show we will be closed until July 2nd when we have this opening day fun:

After this we will be celebrating our Four year anniversary and grand opening at the Golden West Cafe. This show is going to be insane!

We will also be using our move as a chance to make some improvements in the overall design of the shop. Our great friend John Twinning has designed and built these new record bins as our old ones were getting very rickety. More construction updates as they occur!


So what else has happened in the last year??? Glad you asked!

One of our favorite Power-Pop purveyors Gentleman Jesse played in the shop!

Me and the Boys out front!

Video of the show taken by Noel Danger!

RAW NERVE also came by for a set with TRIAC and MIND AS PRISON who also killed it!


Hmm, even though it happened over an entire YEAR ago, it looks like I never put up footage of MASSHYSTERI playing in the shop! These Natives of Umea, Sweeden play some of my favorite Punk ever! they also have a brand new LP out since this show.

Footage again taken by our own Noel Danger!

Hmm what else? We went back to Japan last year and had one of our greatest trips ever! I was once again hosted by my great friend Jesse Conway and saw amazing bands and bought great records! Here is a quick look:

I love Ponyo!


the mighty D.S.B.

getting lost up a mountain with Jesse

Graves of children

New friends from RAZOR'S EDGE/SLANG/COBRA show!

Biking around at night

Also I:


Pet and fed some Deer

and enjoyed some Tea on top of a mountain!

I think that is everything I can fit at the moment! More soon!