Friday, May 17, 2013


Hi Everyone! The Big news is we have recently moved to right next door of our previous location! Lots more space and nice natural light!  Our new address is:

Celebrated Summer Records
3616 Falls Road
Baltimore MD
Here are some pics of the new spot:

We have an even greater wealth of original fliers and set lists on the walls now and 25 never before seen original Japanese Hardcore Photos from 1984 featuring COMES, MOBS, LIPCREAM, GHOUL and more! We are really happy with the move! 

that brings us to our seven year anniversary, seems like it was just yesterday we opened in the back of Legends in Towson. We will be celebrating on Tue August 27th at the Ottobar here in Baltimore Maryland, we will be announcing bands this coming Monday so please watch this space! In the meantime here are some teaser posters for it:

the astute will notice the EXPO 70 theme running through these. Our recent trip to Japan in November 2012 (fifth time!) was hugely influential especially visiting the EXPO 70 memorial park. Here are some pics from the visit:

                                 Osaka at Night                                       


  EXPO 70 Memorial park, Osaka
Genbaku Domu,( A-Bomb Dome) Hiroshima

 The always excellent Time Bomb Records, Osaka. 
 The greatest and huge inspiration on Celebrated Summer Punk and Destroy, Osaka
 This place was out of control amazing and I don't even drink!

Hard to find but worth the trip! Record Shop Boy, Tokyo

 Jesse, Brian and Mike, Standing Bar, Osaka

 Love this lil guy

 Hanging out with Tama Chan!

With Brian(All Night longers) and Shin (Framtid, Nightmare, All Night Longers) King Cobra Squat, Osaka

With Taiki of Occult Shop Territory, Osaka


 With the amazing Mr. Guy of Gudon at his store Record Shop Misery, Hiroshima 

 With Doug! In Osaka!

 With Funyara-San of War Painted City Indian and Astro-Zombies Toy Shop, one of the Kindest and most Interesting people I have met, he and his wife were beyond great to me and I owe them much!
Astro Zombies shop, Osaka art by Pushead!

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