Monday, August 6, 2007


July 27th was the first of the three Celebrated Summer Anniversary shows. The Charm City Art space was the location and we were honored to have both Conquest for death (CA) and BREAKFAST (TOKYO) to set things off. First up was The Cult Classics (MD) with some high energy thrash that got the circle pit going. Patrick from CC was also the one responsible for booking this show so my thanks go out to him twice over. Next up Deep Sleep played and although we were more Punk then thrash and more Pop than fast I think we did a pretty good job and I had an awesome time playing in addition to being honored to play with Breakfast. Conquest for Death was up next and pretty much tore the roof off of the space with energy and jumps I have not seen in forever. Also they were fast as hell and amazing musicians along with being incredibly friendly. conquest for death

Breakfast were as good if not better than when I had previously seen them in Tokyo in 2004. They started off with a barrage of skate-thrash and then broke it down into the Jazz punk that sets them apart from almost everyone. The kids circle pitted to the Thrash and Danced it up for the Jazz. It was amazingly fun and the perfect vibe for the first of the anniversary shows.


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