Monday, August 6, 2007


On July 18th Deep Sleep was lucky enough to play in the parking lot of the Warehouse Next Door in Washington DC with Fucked up(CANADA), Government Warning(RVA) and FIYA(FLA). Originally Cloak Dagger were supposed to play but their drummer broke his hand so that was that.
Lots of good friends at the show and although we played first and the sound was still being fiddled with it was a great time and a nice change to play outdoors.

Deep Sleep

I was inside when FIYA played but by the time Government Warning went on I was right up front. Kids went off and GW played a great set. Fucked Up went on next and although the crowd reaction was not as strong as it was for GW they got a great response and played really well. Overall a pretty great time and big thanks to Katty Otto for putting it all together, she did a great job.

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