Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The second of the three Celebrated Summer anniversary shows happened on Friday August Third inside of Legends comics which houses CSR. I was super nervous about this show since it was a lot to plan for and I really did not want anything to go wrong. Luckily I had the help of Tom, Moo, John and Robs to make things easier and in the end it turned out great. Deep Sleep went on first and I was a bit distracted/nervous not just because of trying to do everything but also my Mom and Sister, her husband and their children and my Aunt were all there. It was great to see them and they all seemed in really good spirits, especially after all the free Pizza, Root beer and cupcakes(Moo made them!) I had gotten for this thing. Anyways we played pretty well and it was fun/surreal to be playing at the store in the spot normally where it's kids playing Magic the gathering.
Deep Sleep (Mom and Aunt on left) Pics by Eldon Baldwin

I got a few pretty amazing presents, one being this great painting by Jeriminus (who has done other excellent art for the store)
another being this great cake set from Amanda Sobus and Jesse Kuzniarski

cakes! Pic by Eldon Baldwin.

Moo made amazing cupcakes and gave me a sweet card. Photos of the cupcakes and uneaten cakes soon!

For science played an awesome set next and I have photos coming soon!
After them The Ergs played and the crowd was jumping around and singing along like crazy. They played songs from almost all of their releases and even "stinking of whiskey blues" for me!

The Ergs pics by Eldon Baldwin Set list Pic by Me.

Next up was Philly Punk Legends F.O.D.! They were super nice and completely hilarious! They brought some free porn to give away and put on a really energetic set. It was getting a bit late by this point so the crowd had thinned out but it was their loss for sure as these guys ripped!

F.O.D. Pics including setlist by Eldon Baldwin.
Cleanup was super easy and It could not have gone better. I'll start taking suggestions on who should play next year now!